Holidays with children near the sea


If you are one of those, who while on vacation with your children at the beach runs out of ideas for activities to entertain and share with your kids, in this article you might find some interesting proposals to have fun with the little ones.

Once on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea we propose different activities:

Between sand castles. If you have children, summer is synonymous of castles in the sand. Children love the idea of building small worlds to unleash their imagination.

To play outdoors. Take the opportunity the islands’ weather gives you to play outdoors. Whether on the beach, in the gardens of our hotels or in a square in the center of the city, take advantage of the fact that you are on vacation and go every day to a new place. They will love it!

Water balloons. Fun for the whole family and best of all is that you can play with water balloons in different spaces, on the beach, the pool, the park. An excellent and energetic activity that will bring you great memories of childhood.

Collecting memories. Children love to explore, for them any outdoor space is a whole world to discover. A walk along the beach to collect stones, clams, shells, and any other possible treasure will be an incredible experience that also has a special value when shared with Mom and Dad.

Learning to swim. For children their first experience at sea is very important. A family vacation will be the perfect time to learn how to swim with the protection of their parents.

Sport on the beach. Balls and beach rackets, improvised parties at the seashore to exercise while enjoying an excellent sunny day. Moreover, why not practice some water sports like paddle boarding, surfing or body boarding?

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