Do you know which the highest mountain in Menorca is?


 Its name is Monte Toro and the view from it, if the day is clear, is a 360º view of the island. Curious, right?

Monte Toro, the highest mountain in Menorca

The name of this mountain comes from a legend. The legend says, a bull lived in the top of the mountain making it impossible for explorers to reach the top. Until one day, some monks seduced by the lights that shone from its peak reached their highest point.

In that same moment the bull, left enraged to defend what, until then, was his. However, blinded by the crosses that the monks carried around their necks, he guided them meekly into a grotto.

Both the monks and the bull toured the grotto and at the end of it found the image of the Virgin Mary. From that moment on, the monks began to call it “Our Lady of Mount Bull.”

This legend is one of the many legends that the island of Menorca hides, since with the passing of time and all the civilizations that have inhabited it, they have given rise to an endless number of wonderful and curious anecdotes.

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