Formentera, the paradise of tranquillity


Formentera is one of the smallest and most charming islands of the Balearic Islands, it can only be reached by boat from Ibiza. Some beaches of Formentera are considered among the most beautiful in the world for their crystal clear waters and white sand, a beautiful destination of calm and tranquillity.

But in addition to visiting its beaches, here we will tell you the activities and things to do on your trip to Formentera to get out of the ordinary.

Places of interest in Formentera

Lighthouses, markets, viewpoints on cliffs and many more emblematic sites that we will tell you below are undoubtedly places to visit during your stay in Formentera.

La Mola Lighthouse

One of the places to enjoy the best views of Formentera, the Faro de la Mola a lighthouse that located at a height of 120m above sea level, a perfect place to watch the sunset and sunrise.

Since 2019, a small space has been reserved for small-scale events such as concerts, exhibitions or other artistic events.

You can get there by car although our recommendation is that you follow Green Route 29, a charming rural walk that you will surely enjoy.

Estany des Peix

It is a small lake formed by a narrow opening that connects with the sea, where the small boats of the port of La Savina also pass.

Thanks to its calm due to the absence of waves and shallowness, it is one of the best places to do activities such as kayaking, stand up paddle, windsurfing and sailing.

One of the emblematic places on this lake that we recommend you visit is Caló de s’Oli, a set of fishermen’s huts in a rocky area in the eastern part of s’Estany des Peix overlooking the island of Ibiza.

Formentera’s artisan markets

When the summer season begins, around May until October, the markets for handicrafts designed in workshops on the island of Formentera begin to open.

In them you can find all kinds of designs and works of art such as baskets, jewellery, glass works, ceramic dishes, leather pieces and dresses designed and manufactured by the island’s own resident artists.

Next, we leave you a small list of the markets that you can find:

  • La Mola artisan market
  • Sant Ferran craft market
  • Artisan Center “Antoni Tur Gabrielet”
  • Sant Francesc Market
  • La Savina Market
  • Es Pujols Market

Next, we will also advise you ideal accommodation options to enjoy the essence and calm of the island in small boutique hotels in Formentera such as our Maryland Insotel Club.

The best activities to do in Formentera

The island of Formentera is popularly known as a star destination for a holiday of relaxation and tranquillity

In addition to this, its nature and environmental conditions allow the practice of numerous active tourism activities that we recommend you to do during your stay on the island.

Horse riding

The weather in Formentera, the orography and its rural landscapes make the island an ideal place for horse riding on all its roads.

You can choose between routes through forests or junipers and of longer or shorter duration, in addition to specific routes through places of interest such as the aforementioned lake of s’Estany des Peix.

Green routes: hiking and cycling

Formentera has up to 32 different green routes to travel, a wide choice of routes for all levels of walkers.

These routes also have easy access for mountain biking, another highly recommended option if you like outdoor sports to enjoy the landscape of Formentera.

Scuba diving

The Mediterranean is undoubtedly one of the most recommended places to try this type of activity thanks to its weather conditions and characteristics of the sea.

The crystal clear waters and the abundant marine life of the waters of Formentera make it a perfect and pleasant environment in which to dive with total safety.

Kayak, Stand-up Paddle and Sail Tours

Another alternative to try thanks to the good conditions of the sea is to practice Kayak, Stand-up Paddle or Sail, activities that will allow you to enjoy the sea and its tranquillity.

One of the activities that is increasingly popular is to go kayaking or paddle surfing at sunset, also known as Sunset Paddle, without a doubt a very beautiful experience.

If you are interested in learning more about outdoor activities on the island, we recommend you take a look at our article on what sports to practice in Formentera.

We wait for you in paradise!