Formentera’s holidays

Vacaciones en Formentera

Choosing the destination to spend the summer holidays always seems to be an exhausting task. From Insotel we suggest you a travel by Formentera. This island of the Balearic Islands is a natural paradise that you undoubtedly must know.

Its climate is purely Mediterranean and warm where rainfall is scarce. On this island the sun is the king, so during the year more than 300 days sun appears.

Its geography is unique and amazing in its 83 km2 and 69 km of coastline we will find a captivating Mediterranean vegetation. Full pine and junipers are intertwined with dune areas. A charismatic and charming flora.

Besides beaches and clear waters in Formentera, you will find places with charm and history of the islands as they are: the Estany Des Peix or the Faro De La Mora.


It is a marine lagoon, which has a small opening through which small boats can enter. In Des Peix Estany is an ideal place for initiation of water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, sailing and snorkeling. In this lagoon there is also a beach with reduced depth, making it a perfect place to spend the day with the kids.


Located at the east end of the island and named as The Lighthouse at the End of the World, is considered by many travelers a must-visit charming place on the island of Formentera.

Right next to the lighthouse we can find a monolith in honor of Jules Verne. In the book “Hector Servadac”, the well-known author refers to Faro De La Mora and that is why years ago the city of Formentera decided to honor him.

If you travel to Formentera you can stay in two of our hotels located on this island as: Insotel Formentera Playa or Insotel Club Maryland. Come to Formentera, enjoy and let yourself care for Insotel.