Formentera, a land of wines


Formentera is an island with a great wine activity where you can taste wines from the local producers, whether red or white, and accompany with artisan cheeses of the island. Formentera is a place where gastronomy has a lot of presence.

Vine cultivation and wine production dates back to the Phoenicians, but it was the Romans who boosted their consumption and production. The presence of the Romans in the island introduced new farming techniques and improved the aging process of this precious drink.

There are many curiosities hiding around the production and aging of wine that we may not know.

One of them it’s the color, once the grapes are squeezed, whether red or white grapes, the resulting juice is colorless. The color of wine is achieve in the process of maceration. Thus, skins and seeds are those that give color to the wine.

If you’re staying at the Hotel Insotel Club Maryland, we recommend that when you go to the main buffet restaurant or two bars you order a glass of wine and try this feature variety of the island.

Try the local wines, young wines with fruity aromas from strawberry, currant, plum or fig. They are characterize for being wines with body and long aftertaste.

On the island of Formentera you’ll find our Insotel Formentera Playa Hotel, where the meter at the Main Buffet Restaurant of wine pairings will advise you better about what dish will taste better with a glass of wine. Getting a perfect pairing enhances the flavor both delicious dishes and the wine from the island.

Take a gastronomic journey, travel to Formentera, rests on our wonderful hotels and conquer your palate with its wines and dishes.

Insotel Hotel Group wishes you a great trip!