Factoría de Salazones of Mallorca


At Insotel Hotel Group, we know Mallorca as the palm of our hand and this is why we want to show you a part of it that we love: La Factoria de Salazones (The Salted Factory).

During your days at our Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa, we hope you take some time to visit these Roman ruins. A place that will show you what this island was many years ago.

This factory is located a few meters from the sea, exactly 800 meters from a beach located in Pla de ses Figueres.

At present day, we can find three large grooves in the rectangular base rock and rounded vertices. The measurements of these remains are about 2.30 meters long, 1.80 meters wide and retain a height of about 1.2 meters.

These three cuvettes are lined inside with opus signium, a mixture of lime, sand and shredded ceramics of about 6 centimetres of thickness. Near these furrows, the remains of a wall of Roman tradition were discovered.

Experts say that this wall is the sample of the existence of a covered room that in ancient times was used as a warehouse or work point. All the data indicate that this place was a factory to salt fish, although it is not scientifically proven.

On the other hand, the date of creation of this factory has yet to be determined. All indications are that its construction was in the first century AD. C., but a controversy exists since many of the ceramic remains found correspond to the centuries V d.c.

As a result of historical events, between 1809 and 1814 French prisoners were detained in the area and reused this factory as housing, workshops and pantries, making it impossible to accurately determine the date of said deposit.

From Insotel Hotel Group we hope you like this factory and enjoy your stay at Insotel Cala Mandia Resort.