Excursions to do during a day in Mallorca


The island of Mallorca is an icon of tourism in our country, the beauty of its landscapes, its culture, its gastronomy, make it a wonderful island. So, if you are traveling to Mallorca only for a few days and want to make the most out of your short trip by doing an excursion in this area of the Mediterranean, do not miss this article.

A visit with a 100-year transport: The Sòller Train

Lovers of the railway and nature have a mandatory appointment with Mallorca and all its railway lines but, above all, with the Sòller Train, the only railroad on the island that connects this city with almost 30 kilometers of extension.

This railway line was built and launched on April 6, 1912. Today it is considered one of the only private rail lines in Spain. This is not just any line, since it crosses the Tramuntana mountain range by viaducts, bridges and 13 tunnels, and the line is over one hundred years old. This excursion is a real experience to discover the beauty of Mallorca.

A journey through history: The Caves of Drach

The caves of Drach are located on the island of Mallorca, in the municipality of Manacor, near the city of Porto Cristo, they reach 25 m deep and 2.4 km long.

This tour is one of the most inescapable on the island thanks to its natural orthographic print with its stalactites and stalagmites. In the caves we can find many galleries and a lake accessible by boat in which classical music concerts are organized.

The charm of the West Indies in Spain

The southwest of the island of Mallorca is the location of the beach of Es Trenc. It is surrounded by pine trees and salt lakes, the temperature and the shallow depth of its waters, allows it to be a perfect place for the little ones.

To access this beach, you must take a small dirt road, which is not difficult to drive with cars, although it is narrow and is allowed to travel in both directions. At the end of this road you will find parking for the cars.

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