Exclusive Leisure

Ocio exclusivo

Enjoying holidays is always a pleasant feeling and if it’s a vacation with exclusive leisure, it can’t be explained with words.

Ibiza is a destiny which offers an endless activities, retreats, restaurants and feelings only you will find in this Mediterranean isles.

When you go on holidays is needed to book accommodation with a privilege location because it will be indispensable to move through Ibiza then. So, the setting given by Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa is a privilege location to do a multiple activities without getting around.

Within our offers exclusive leisure, you’ll find plenty of activities to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

The haute cuisine is about getting hooked. If you are in the island, get swept up in its natural aroma and expand your taste bud, and the flavor poetry hidden in its plates will captivate you.

Once in the island don’t forget to taste the typical plates. We recommend you the Costres Salad, very typical of Ibiza. The main ingredients are the “payés” bread very roasted and soaked in a salad dressing. Then it has salting tomatoes, onions, olives and with anchovies is completed. A very representative plate of the Ibiza’s cuisine that you will want to taste more than once.

Apart from the excelent dining Ibiza, it’s the sea, a sea gentle and quiet in which to enjoy the waves on the beach or from a magnificent schooner. From Insotel we give you the opportunity to sail aboard the “Sea Princess”.

This schooner is recently renovated, it has a qualified crew that compose a captain, a mechanic, sailors and hostess. With a capacity of 39 people, other crew, it is ideal for a special meeting among friends. The crossing of this schooner is performed at about 10 am to 7 pm.

But the amount if you are spending your holiday in Ibiza is to enjoy. Enjoy the space, the Ibizan air, fragrance and charm. A charm that can only be found on this island in the Mediterranean Sea and staying at Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa will be a vacation you’ll never forget.