What to see in Menorca without going to the beach?


When we talk about Menorca we think about beach leisure but this beautiful island of the Mediterranean hides a lot of plans to do without stepping on one of its beaches of crystal clear waters. In fact, thanks to its beautiful landscape and its rural wealth, it was declared a Biosphere Reserve.

In Menorca you can enjoy natural landscapes, sedentary routes, cultural activities and historical monuments that are worth visiting in Menorca. So, throughout this article we’ll reveal all you can do in Menorca in the less hot months.

What to do in Menorca in the months of less heat?

Going on vacation to Menorca in May, June, September or October is the best option to spend a few days of disconnection since during this season the island enjoys unsurpassed tranquillity. The activities that we suggest below will make your holiday a unique and unforgettable experience.

The perfect getaway: Ciutadella and surroundings

If you visit Menorca during these months, you can walk through its streets without crowds, along the promenade and enjoy every corner of this beautiful island. We recommend you not to miss the most emblematic places that surround this city. Among them we find the Cathedral of Menorca of the XIX century, the Castle of San Nicolas or the Plaza del Borne.

Also, if you are a lover of archaeology, we advise you to visit La Naveta des Tudons, it is the oldest building in Europe preserved in its entirety and is located in the north of the island a few kilometres from Ciutadella.

This is one of the most ancient prehistoric monuments, it is a construction of large uncut stones, unique in the world with approximately 3,000 years old.

Mahón, much more than the capital of Menorca

Another one of the corners that you cannot miss is the “Camins de Cavallsthat goes through the island from North to South. These are historical trails traced in 1330 by King Jaume II to defend all their territory on horseback.

Today these trails are perfectly preserved public roads, exactly 185 km divided into 20 sections that take all its passers-by to the hidden places with the most charm of the island.

During or at the end of your excursion in Menorca through the Camí de Cavalls, don’t hesitate to approach the Mahón Racetrack. Menorca is known for its great fondness for horses.

These are present in traditional events such as the Fiestas de Sant Joan or in leisure and entertainment activities, such as horse races. Going to enjoy them on a Sunday morning you will love, plus free admission.

We recommend you not to leave the city without first going to the Teatro Principal de Maó, a place where you can enjoy several pieces of arts that belong to the Theatre. This is the oldest opera theatre in Spain since it was built during the 18th century, in the year 1829. Without a doubt, you will have the possibility to choose between dance shows, theatre, art galleries of art, concerts, etc.

Menorca, territory of rural wealth

In addition to beaches and coves in Menorca, it is also possible to enjoy the allegorical landscape of this island discovering each of the natural and wonderful places that hide us.

One of the most natural points that the island hides is the Natural Park of “Es Grau”. Also called Natural Park of s’Albufera des Grau, it is located in the most reserved area of the island and since 1993 it is a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Visiting this natural park means enjoying five natural reserves at one time: the Addaia islands, Bassa de Morella, s’Estany, es Prat and the island En Colom.

On your route through the rural wealth of the island of Menorca, don’t t forget to visit the Torre d’en Galmé. This is the largest prehistoric town on this island and one of the most important in the Balearics. When visiting Torre d’en Galmé, you must first go to the interpretation centre to learn a little about the culture of the Talayotic village and then you can enjoy the riches offered by this prehistoric town.

Menorca gastronomy at the highest point of the Island

One of the most special moments is when we taste new flavours and new dishes. It is a unique moment of experimentation, wherever we go. Throughout your infinite walks you can choose the terrace you want for a drink and the most appetizing restaurant without the need to wait for a table.

However, in this case, before going to try the delicacies of the island we suggest you go to Monte Toro. From the highest and central point you will have attractive and excellent panoramic views of Menorca.

After seeing an authentic sunset, from the highest point of the island you can taste the exquisite cuisine that it offers us. Thanks to this season there is less influx of tourists on the island you can enjoy its cuisine in full.

You can choose any of the most select restaurants, without having to queue or make a reservation days in advance. Whether it’s a fish stew, baked aubergines, mahon cheese, an Oliaigua or escalibada, enjoy the authentic flavours of this Mediterranean corner without haste.

Tranquility and relaxation at Insotel Hotel Group

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