3 dishes with aubergines typical of the Balearic gastronomy

3-platos-tipicos-berenjenasThe Balearic gastronomy, of pure Mediterranean characteristics, is the seasonality of its products, depending of the season of the year you will find a traditional dish or another.

In these warm months, the eggplant is one of the vegetables of the season, being this the reason of why we will find multiple typical dishes of this season based on this rich vegetable with purple skin.

Typical dishes made with aubergines

Stuffed Eggplant

A very simple dish to elaborate but with an unbeatable flavor. It is just eggplants stuffed with a rich mass of minced meat mixed with garlic, egg and parsley, cover with breadcrumbs and baked.


It is a very characteristic dish of the summer, ideal to accompany with meats or fish.

Its preparation is simple. It consists of potatoes, eggplants and green pepper, cut into slices. Next, you cut strips of red pepper and onions to stir-fry them in a pan. To finish, add a red tomato sauce.

Serving properly this dish is very simple. We put a base of aubergines in a baking dish, another of potatoes, then green pepper, red pepper and onions. Finally yet importantly, add tomato sauce, and you can add some pork meat or fish.


Also known as, “Roasted Peppers Salad” It may be the best-known dish and that’s because… everyone who tries it repeats it! Get an oven tray and put there red peppers, eggplants and onions. Once roasted, peel, cut into strips and season it with olive oil and garlic.

Don’t you think all this dishes sound very delicious?  From Insotel Hotel Group we encourage you to cook them or better yet, we will wait for you in the Balearic Islands so that we can cook all this dishes for you!