Discover the sweetest Ibiza


To know the true essence of Ibiza, it is not enough to go through every corner of this charismatic island. Its gastronomy plays an important role within its customs and the way of understanding the day basis of the island. The climate and the environment are two key points in the gastronomy of all cultures.

From Insotel hotel Group, we want to show you in this post the three typical desserts from Ibiza.


It is a characteristic dessert of the island. These are aniseed cookies of fried dough that are consumed whenever there is a celebration. Although they may seem hard, when you bite them they are soft and very appetizing.

To make good orelletes, orejitas (little ears) in spanish, the dough must be knead all the time it’s necessary. If we skimp on the time of kneading, the cookies will be hard and away from that spongy texture.


It is a delicious and fresh cheese cake that rests over a shattered dough and is then baked for about half an hour.

But it is not ordinary cheesecake, this cake that is so characteristic of the island is filled with minced leaves of peppermint that gives it a touch of unmistakable freshness.

It is a dessert traditionally consumed on Easter Sunday, but now you can find it throughout the year in the bakery.


It is a characteristic pudding of this island with a very easy recipe. Its elaboration has a base of ensaimadas coated with the homemade flan whose result gives a delicious Ibicenco pudding. To have that characteristic touch we recommend that when you boil the milk do it with a little lemon, cinnamon or orange.

Estos son tres de los postres más populares que podréis encontrar en la isla y que esperamos que durante vuestros días en Ibiza no dejéis de probar.

These are the three most popular desserts you can find on the island and we hope that during your days in Ibiza you can taste these delicious sweets.