Discover the “hippie” part of Formentera

In the mid-60s, the hippies arrived in Formentera, which meant an important change in the lifestyle of Formentera. Discover the wonderful history and culture of the island and the traditions they have for 50 years.

Formentera culture

Before the seventies the inhabitants of the island lived with what the countryside gave them and with few commercial contacts with the other Balearic Islands and Ibiza. Then they began to move and everything took a new direction.

There were two cases, the first were Americans who escaped from Vietnam or the movement of the children of Californian flowers. In other cases, they were Spanish or foreign travelers who, once visited the island, could not avoid stopping to live there.

It was a true revolution for the island, which knew how to welcome these eccentric visitors with open arms and the breath of revolutionary joy they brought, making the novelty coexist with the relaxed lifestyle and in contact with nature that still distinguishes the Formentera island.

The markets and the “hippie market” of Formentera

Currently, during the holidays in Formentera, you will still find the influence of the historical period of the island in the hippie market of La Mola, a mandatory place to visit to better understand the origins of this beautiful island.

It is a return in the 60s, in which the first young dreamers, seeking freedom and pacifism as a lifestyle, came to Formentera to take it as a dream place of residence. Some of those young people, although well prepared.

Glass, wood, leather, ceramics and alternative gastronomy in addition to live music. In the Artisan Market of La Mola you will find everything at a really affordable price and made by top-level artisans. In addition, in a timely manner, the market usually offers workshops to teach some of the creations in addition to storytelling and different activities for children.

Flowerpower in Formentera

The fun hippy parties called “Flower Power” is another tradition of Formentera, there are three each year, the first one in mid-June in La Mola is the most popular; the other two are in July, one in Es Pujols and another in Sant Francesc.

The entire villages on these occasions are decorated in the hippie style, with bright colors, flowers and signs of peace and nonviolence, it is the paradise of tranquility. It is one of the best occasions to be able to mix with the residents of the island, in addition to being usually very open.

Of the three parties, the most recommended is the one held in El Pilar de La Mola, it is a small town that is the meeting point for hippies. Also, so as not to break the culture, the dress code is the Hippie style! Colored glasses, afro wigs, ties and flowers in the hair, to be combined with some boho-chic accessories that you will surely have in your suitcase, but above all, bring the desire to have fun and spend an unforgettable night!Do not miss the visit to Formentera, you will not regret it! In addition, we offer you one of the best hotels in Formentera where you will enjoy the best services.