Discover Menorca through Camí dels Cavalls


Menorca is an island full of nature and postcard landscapes, which is why in 1993 it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. All these characteristics make Menorca the perfect place to carry out activities linked to nature, some in the environment will make them really exciting.

One of the most famous activities and demands is hiking, also known as trekking, by the Camí dels Cavalls. A journey that surrounds the whole island and invites all visitors to see the island from another perspective.

How to walk the Camí dels Cavalls?

The Camí dels Cavalls follows a road of 185 km divided into 20 stages where you can take walks or make a journey. As this route surrounds the island, if you want to make it complete, you should invest more than one day in it. The stages are the following:

North Coast

  1. Sa Mesquida to Es Grau – 4.21km (medium difficulty)
  2. Es Grau to Cape Favaritx – 8.53 km (medium difficulty)
  3. Cabo Favaritx to the Port d’Addaia – 7.74km (medium difficulty)
  4. Son Saura to Ses Salines de Fornells – 4.88km (low difficulty)
  5. Cala Tirant to Binimel·là – 8.43 km (medium difficulty)
  6. Binimel·là to Cala del Pilar – 8.90 km (high difficulty)
  7. Cala del Pilar to Algaiarens – 8.22 km (medium difficulty)
  8. Algaiarens to Cala Morell – 3.97km (medium difficulty)
  9. Cala Morell – Punta Nati – 6.84km (easy difficulty)
  10. Punta Nati – Calespiques – 5.17km (easy difficulty)

South coast

  1. Cala Blanca to Cap d’Artrutx – 4.10 km (easy difficulty)
  2. Son Xoriguer to Cala Turqueta – 8.89 km (medium difficulty)
  3. Cala en Turqueta to Cala Galdana – 4.39 km (easy difficulty)
  4. Cala Galdana to Sant Tomás – 9.97 km (medium difficulty)
  5. Sant Tomás to Son Bou – 2.93 km (easy difficulty)
  6. Son Bou to Cala en Porter – 7.80 km (medium difficulty)
  7. Cala en Porter to Es Canutells – 4.75 km (easy difficulty)
  8. Es Canutells to Cap den Font – 3.73 km (easy difficulty)
  9. Punta Prima to Alcafar – 2.26 km (easy difficulty)
  10. Alcafar to Cala de Sant Esteve – 4.17 km (easy difficulty)

It is recommended to do the stages from east to west, beginning the journey in Mahón. This will take into account the solar orientation to have the sun back and without dazzling us. It should be noted that the levels of difficulty are directed to hiking, on the contrary, if you want to go by bicycle, all the stages will be of high difficulty.

Which area of the Camí dels Cavalls is better?

From the outset, there is no better route than another, but the one that best suits your needs. Doing the whole route can be hard and is not made for all public, however you can do some of the sections and each of them can be travelled with less or greater difficulty.

For example, if you are accompanied by small children, we recommend that you choose one of the least difficult routes of the South Coast, because the north has longer stretches and hardly offers options to make stops.

While if you are experienced hikers, you can dare to do the whole route or, in case you do not have many days, only the North Coast, since you will enjoy the challenge.

As you have already seen, Menorca offers the opportunity to know the island through a host of activities, whether you are alone or accompanied by the youngest of the family.

So, if you go with children and you are looking for an all-inclusive hotel in Menorca, don’t hesitate to contact Insotel, we will give you all the advice you need.

What are you waiting for? Come, discover and enjoy Menorca, you will not regret it!