You deserve a few days of disconnection and relax


The rush, schedules, meetings, responsabilities… What if you could dedicate sometime exclusively to yourselves?

From Insotel Hotel Group we offer you a few days to dedicate only and exclusively about yourselves, in order to enjoy every little detail with your partner or to relax with the treatments available at our hotel Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa located on the island of Ibiza.

Treatments available at the hotel

Spa circuits. You can enjoy all our swimming pools and Jacuzzi. Spend a day of disconnection in the water and say farewell to stress.

Spa Treatments. You will have the option to choose between the following programs:

  • Prestige. Duration 50 minutes. Includes spa circuit + massage.
  • Detox. Duration of 110 minutes. Includes spa circuit + remineralizing bath + detox wrap + presotherapy.
  • Premom. Duration of 80 or 110 minutes. Includes basic pedicure + weary legs refreshing wrap + massage for pregnant women.
  • Decontracting. Duration of 80 minutes. Includes circuit spa + stimulating bath + massage descontracturante + jet treatment.
  • From head to toe. Duration of 170 minutes. Includes spa circuit + peeling + facial cleaning + manicure and basic pedicure.

Spa experiences.  Spa circuit, peeling, massage and wrapping…

Each treatment is inspired in the cultures that makes them different, and are done in and individualized way, according to the necessities of each client.

Mediterranean experience. 110 minutes in length.

  • Oriental Experience. 116 minutes in length.
  • Ayurvedic experience. 125 minutes in length.
  • Travel to Morocco. 120 minutes in length.
  • Balinese experience. 95 minutes in length.

All these treatments together with the facilities of a 4 star hotel in a hotel located a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea will make you spend some unforgettable days.

Insotel Hotel Group wishes you a happy stay!