Did you know that Formentera doesn’t have traffic lights? Curiosities of Formentera


Formentera is a destination known by some and desired by others, but we bet that even those who have already been to this paradisiacal island of the Mediterranean are unaware of some of the curiosities that we will tell you in this article.

If you are a curious traveller who likes to know many details about the destination, then continue reading to prepare your next trip to Formentera.

Curiosities that you probably didn’t know about Formentera

There are no traffic lights

That’s right, there are no stoplights on Formentera, not one on the whole island. This is clearly because of the small population of Formentera, in addition to its small roads that are only one lane in each direction. These roads have a bike lane in each direction as well, since many inhabitants of the island prefer to move by bicycle.

The authorities of Formentera admit that this island doesn’t need more infrastructure for driving. Drivers usually go slowly, without haste and it is not necessary to stop too long on the routes.

An island like a cheese

This curiosity has nothing to do with the taste of the cheese, rather it has to do with its appearance. And that is because the whole island thanks to its geological formation is full of caves and underground passages.

Many of these caves are visited season after season by tourists who come to the island. Some more known than other caves as La Cova Foradada that appears in the film of Lucia y el sexo, La Mola or Sa cova des Fum.

One way entry

We already know that Formentera doesn’t have an airport, there is no way to get to the island by air, so the only way to get there is by sea, but there is also only one seaway to enter the island.

This only route of entry is a short journey that although previously presented some risks to navigate it, nowadays it is very safe.

Its population is reduced

Formentera is an island with few inhabitants, and at the same time few visitors during the holiday season, that is, there is not a mass visit by millions of tourists as could happen with other islands with more access roads. This in part has been favourable for the ecosystem and the population of the island, since it remains intact thanks to the many conservation campaigns that its governmental institutions promote.

It is estimated that the current number of inhabitants of Formentera is just 12,000. To have an idea of the number of inhabitants of the island, let’s take as an example the Camp Nou capacity to house spectators, which is 99,354, which means that in order to fill the Camp Nou football stadium, approximately 8 times the population of Formentera.

A very musical island

Music and art have always been two very important pillars in the culture of Formentera. Many of its characteristics have inspired several painters, writers, and of course, also musicians.

In fact the film ‘More’ (1969) by Barbet Schroeder tells the story of a couple’s relationship with the island of Ibiza. In a scene in which the protagonists fight against a mill appears the mill of Formentera ‘Es Molí Vell’. The scene became the cover of the album of the famous British band Pink Floyd, composers of the music of the film.

Definitely Formentera is an island that offers its visitors much more than a paradisiacal experience of sea and sun. If we scrutinize a little in its history, its culture and its gastronomy, we will find that despite being a small island in terms of population and infrastructure, it is immensely rich in both natural and human resources.

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Don’t think too much and sign up for an unforgettable adventure in Formentera. Discover these and many other curiosities about this natural jewel of the Mediterranean.

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