Cuevas Del Drach and Cuevas Del Hams of Mallorca


If your destination is Mallorca and your chosen hotel is our wonderful Hotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa **** and you want to discover an unknown part of Mallorca, read on…

For our more adventurous guests we propose to visit two of the best caves in Mallorca.


Cuevas Del Drach

These caves are located in the town of Manacor. These are four caves connected together called Cova Negra, Cova Blanca, Lluis Salvador Cova and Cova dels Francesos.

All these caves reach a wingspan of 2.4 kilometers and come to have a depth of 25 meters. Inside them, you can find a lake of 115 meters long and 30 meters wide called “Llac Martel” with temperature around 170ºC. It’s not a freshwater lake because of its connection with the sea.

This group of caves are part of the Serra Caliza de Llevant of Mallorca. Water filtration makes the limestone dissolve slowly and as a result the stalactites and stalagmites are formed.


Cuevas Del Hams

These caves were discovered in 1905 by the speleologist Pedro Caldentey Santandreu. Their discover was serendipitous, as this caver was making small excavations in order to find Onyx, a gem that abounded is that part of Menorca.

The Cuevas Del Hams are formed by the Cueva Redonda, the Cueva Azul and the Cueva Clásica. Hams means hook in Majorquin and this group of caves receives that name by the peculiar form of hook with stalactites and stalagmites.

In the Cueva Redonda you will find a botanical garden with many species of birds. In the Ceuva Azul, a part of its stalactites and stalagmites, you’ll enjoy spending time lapse of the evolution of ancient rock of the cave. In the Cueva Clásica you will cross its 12 galleries and also enjoy its underground lake calling the “Sea of Venice”.

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