Copa del Rey Mapfre of sailing in Mallorca

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Sailing is the king of sports in the Balearic Islands. The nautical events are multiplied during the summer months in the Balearic Islands. The Copa del Rey Mapfre is the first regatta which is taking place in the islands, specifically in Mallorca.

In the waters of the bay of Palma de Mallorca, one of the largest regattas around the Mediterranean make an appointment becoming an unmissable annual global character for all lovers of the world of sailing.

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So this race was born in 1982, in which only involved 50 ships, 35 Spanish and only 15 foreign vessels. Gradually these numbers have been increasing and the participation year after year has increased the number of vessels competing to obtain so coveted prize, the Spanish Copa del Rey.

So this year, it is planned that the full participation of boats will be a whopping amount of 116 registered and distributed among the different categories of this race.

In Mallorca you will spend a few days of exciting competition. Days to let you go with the competition and to enjoy the Mediterranean air.

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