Cala Tarida, the best place of Ibiza

Cala Tarida, located west of the island of Ibiza, is an ideal area for all types of tourists who want to spend a relaxing holiday and enjoy the fine sand on this beautiful island.

Ibiza is known apart from its crystalline waters, also for its parties, that’s why we discover different beaches to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and rest. Cala Tarida is one of them, among the most valued by families, both tourists and residents.

Here we explain how to get there, where it is located and what to do on this beach in during your days at our all-inclusive hotel in Ibiza.

The best cove in Ibiza

As we have commented, Cala Tarida is a perfect beach to find leisure and fun and thus enjoy alone or with family. In it, we find activities to practice water sports, which will make you spend a day on the beach more entertained, as services for your comfort.

In addition to this, it is the perfect place to eat, as it is full of beach bars, restaurants and areas to rest with hammocks, umbrellas and amphibious chairs, accessible to anyone.

It is a beach where you can find both shallow areas and areas more deeper and rocky waters, which are divided by a rocky platform. In addition, it will be very easy to get in touch with nature, as it is surrounded by green mountains of pine trees through which you can go hiking.

An addition to this beach is the sunset, where colours and magic are created that will surely not leave you indifferent.

To top it off, in this place you will find some of the best hotels in Ibiza, located on the beachfront and with a wide range of offers in excursions and different activities. Among them, our Insotel Club Tarida and Insotel Tarida Beach Sensatori Resort hotels, both by the sea.

The secret corners of Cala Tarida

Many tourists from these beaches stay only with those that are more accessible, and at the same time, where more people tend to accumulate. Therefore, we discover the two hidden beaches that are in Cala Tarida and that you will surely love.

First of all, we reveal you Es Pujolets, known for being one of the most romantic in Ibiza. It impacts by its turquoise blue water, its sandy bottoms and its fishing environment in the area.

The second beach that we reveal to you is that of Es Calonet, surrounded by fishermen’s huts. It is located about 200 meters from Cala Tarida towards the left.

To access these two coves it is advisable to wear comfortable and closed shoes to avoid slipping.

Where is Cala Tarida located?

You can access this beautiful beach in Ibiza through the town of San José and San Antonio. If you choose the first option you must continue until the crossing that leads to Cala Tarida. It is located 6 km, about 10 minutes by car from there and can be accessed either by walking, by bicycle or by bus.

However, if you go from San Antonio, you will have to take the “roundabout of the egg” in the direction of Cala de Bou. You will have to continue straight until you see the first indication towards Cala Tarida. Located about 11 km from there, that is, 15 minutes by car.

Therefore, all this makes Ibiza one of the best destinations to enjoy all the luxuries it offers, either for its landscapes or its surroundings. So, if you are planning a holiday in Ibiza, we recommend this area, staying at our Insotel Club Tarida Beach and Insotel Tarida Beach Sensatori Resort hotels, where they offer you the best conditions to spend a dream vacation and the ones you deserve.

We will wait for you!