Bread with ramellet tomatoes, olive oil and menorquín cheese


Being on holiday in Menorca, is to be able to enjoy a very different part of Spain. In the days on the island of Menorca, from Insotel Hotel Group, we encourage you to try all the gastronomic delights. We hope you let be carried away by the sun and the beach, and spend an unspeakable vacation days.

One of the gastronomic delights from Menorca is the bread with tomato, olive oil and a piece of cheese. Although at first glance it may seem like a very simple dish, it is without a doubt an authentic treat.

Thus, it is a dish so popular that is consumed almost daily by the natives of the Balearic Islands. This bread with tomato, olive oil and cheese can be present at all meals. But it is usually consumed in the main meals as accompaniment or as you enter and at breakfast accompanied with a good cup of coffee.

The authentic magic of this dish it’s to be found in the ingredients, since they are the ones that give that Mediterranean touch. And for this reason, we must first acquire a good “bread of payès”. This type of bread is very characteristic from the Spanish Levantine coast. It is characterized by being a round bread and has a crunch crust and a tender crumb.

On this bread we must scrub “ramellet tomatoes”, coriander tomatoes in spanish, it is a kind of orange red tomato that has a lot of pulp and that makes it the perfect tomato to scrub.

Once we have the bread with tomato, we add a generous splash of olive oil and a pinch of salt. To finish this characteristic dish, cut a piece of Minorcan cheese and put it on top of the bread with the tomatoes and olive oil. Apart from cheese, it can also be accompanied by iberic ham or sausage.

And although it seems like a simple dish, we encourage you taste it during your stay at our Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa.