7 curiosities of Mallorca that maybe you didn’t know


Mallorca is one of the best known and most visited Balearic Islands of the Balearic archipelago, and although it is mostly known for its exquisite cuisine and its incredible landscapes, it has many other secrets that may go unnoticed by many of its visitors.

So, if you want to know some of these secrets and have the luxury of experiencing them, keep reading this article, we are going to tell you 7 very interesting curiosities about this beautiful island.

Curiosities of Mallorca


It is the highest town of the whole island, specifically it is about 420 meters above sea level, and many say it is also the most beautiful. Here it is said that they are the best potato cokes in Mallorca and although the road can be a bit rustic and winding, it is worth a visit to enjoy its streets, its culture and its gastronomy.

Caló des Moro

It is the beach with the most crystalline waters of all of Mallorca. It is a virgin cove, very far from civilization and with turquoise colour waters. It is located between high walls populated by pines, bushes, broom and mastic, is white sand and is surrounded by large rocks dotted. The turquoise colour of its waters is given by the Posidonia Oceánica, a type of algae that gives oxygen to the water and causes its colour to be more transparent.

The largest rosette

The rosette of the Cathedral of Mallorca, or the Basilica of Santa Maria de Mallorca, is the largest in the world among European Gothic cathedrals. It measures about 13 meters in diameter and is composed of 1,236 crystals that cause an impressive effect with the light inside the cathedral. In Mallorcan this cathedral is known as “La Seu”. It was inaugurated in 1226 and is a work of the architect Juan Rubió.

Palma de Mallorca, the best city to live

In 2015 the North American magazine The Times gave Mallorca the title of “Best city to live”, surpassing cities such as Toronto, Auckland and Berlin. The reasons why he received this important and flattering title is because the magazine says that Palma de Mallorca is a city that has everything, is very accessible, has a great climate and has a great cultural weight, which makes it a of the most picturesque cities in all Spanish territory.

The Bellver Castle

Built in the 14th century, this gothic-style fortification is 112 meters above sea level and it is thanks to this detail that it can boast the best views of the entire city. From here you can have a beautiful panoramic view of the city, its port, the Serra de la Tramuntana and the Pla de Mallorca. So beautiful are its views, which is exactly what gave it its name, since Bellver means “beautiful view” in ancient Catalan.

The lighthouse of Portopí

It is the second oldest working lighthouse in Spain and the third in the world after the Tower of Hercules, in A Coruña, and the Lantern of Genoa. It started operating at the beginning of the 14th century and since then it has been guiding all the sailors that arrive to the island. Its structure is impressive and worthy of admiration, since it has remained standing for all these years thanks to the efforts of the people in charge of caring for it. It is a jewel for all the residents of the island.

The snail and the dragon

There is a very curious story about the façade of Palma de Mallorca City Hall. They say that if you look closely you can see a snail and a dragon, which represent the signatures of the authors of this facade the master stonemason Jaume Caragol and the master sculptor Francesc Dragó who sculpted the symbols of their nicknames on the facade.

The most creative say that it was the revenge of the builders against the mayor of the time who refused to recognize his work. Can you find the snail and the dragon on the facade?

After knowing all these curiosities of Mallorca, it is not surprising that your desire to visit the island has increased. And on this island you will find many activities and places to explore.

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