5 places in Menorca that you can’t miss


In Menorca you can find a wide variety of places to visit, as well as activities to do in family. Although it is also true that it is very difficult to choose which the most important things to do are.

Therefore, we bring you a list with some suggestions of what you cannot miss during your days here, staying, of course, in one of the best hotels in Menorca: the Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa or the Insotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa.

Visit one of the best coves in Menorca

Binigaus Beach is the largest virgin beach on the south coast of Menorca, without services, but located from a short distance to the nearest parking, making it a true spiritual retreat

That is why it is also the most popular beach in the municipality of Es Migjorn Gran. It is located right on the central flat coast of southern Menorca and the west cliffs begin.

To keep that in mind, the central part of the beach is usually more familiar, while the western area is often plagued by younger people. It is also a beach with clear water and shallow water, perfect for children, and in the middle of nature!

From our Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa you can find Binigaus beach just 46 minutes away. While from Insotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa we find it just 52 minutes away.

Eat in the best restaurants in Menorca

The cuisine of Menorca has always had a humble, rural origin, and with great past influences. We could say that it is a fusion of pastoral, agriculture and seafood cuisine that results in great typical Menorcan dishes, with food from our Mediterranean diet.

For example, Es Pla d’en Fornells is one of the best known restaurants in Menorca, and its specialty is lobster stew. This is one of the most typical dishes that you can find on the island, and of course, you cannot leave without trying it. The quality that lobster presents there is unsurpassed, caught directly from the sea.

Another of the artisan products most famous for Menorcans and tourists who arrive on the island is Mahón or Mahón-Menorca cheese, which according to many, is a delight to savor! This gastronomic diamond, native to the island, is part of the island’s culture and customs whose historical tradition dates back hundreds of thousands of years.

In Mahón we can find more restaurants for you to visit, such as:

  • Marivent. Cutting-edge and original cuisine.
  • Sespigo. They serve the best fish on the island.
  •  Il Porto. A good Italian with great value for money.

In the end, all the typical elaborations of Menorcan gastronomy are passed from generation to generation, adapting to different variations that have been given in the tastes in consumers.

Cities of Menorca that you cannot miss

The good weather, the turquoise coves and the spectacular beaches with its fine sand to practice all kinds of water activities, in addition to visiting its cultural, historical and archaeological heritage. Invite to visit any corner of Menorca, and even more the cities with great popularity that you cannot miss: Mahón and Binibeca.

Mahón, in this case, is a somewhat passing city, but if you stop to know it and enter it, you can find places like the church of Santa María or the sailor restaurants of the pier. Something that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.

On the other hand, we find Binibeca, which is one of the charming villages best known for the island and where more tourists arrive every year to visit it. Our recommendation? Go early, so you will be less likely to find fewer people.

In the end, you cannot miss walking through those little white houses that are worthwhile. It is a perfect excursion for those days that you do not feel like sunbathing.

Discover the history of Menorca

As we have already mentioned, Menorca has a great tourist attraction that attracts the attention of any family that wants to spend a few days in absolute peace and also, get rich knowing the history of this place with charm. As a tourist attraction we recommend you visit:

  • La Cova d’en Xoroi. During the day we can find a spectacular cave, with different terraces and viewpoints of different heights and with which you can contemplate the Mediterranean sunsets and its chill out music. At night, it becomes a disco, where international artists arrive every night, and on Thursday the most famous foam parties of Menorca are organized.
  • Cova des Coloms. From Binigaus beach you can walk. It is a natural cave located in the Binigaus ravine, and it is perfect to visit it and discover archaeological remains of the island. It is located 24 meters high and is accessible to all audiences with little difficulty.
  • Marlborough Fort. Finally, we find this fort located in the Cala de Sant Esteve, belonging to the town of Es Castell. It is one of the most important places where the fight between Spain, Great Britain and France took place, to achieve the dominance of the Mediterranean. If you want to know more about its history, you already know where you have to go.

Contemplate the best views of a sunset

The lighthouses of Menorca is one of the great things that we could also highlight from this beautiful island. Since they are located in spectacular places, on cliffs that remove the hiccups. A visit in Menorca without going through at least one of its spectacular lighthouses is not a complete visit. We show you the 2 best known:

  • Cavalleria. Located in the north of the island, it is considered one of the wildest of Menorca, after Favàrtix.
  • Punta Nati. The official lighthouse of sunsets in Ciutadella. It is a resounding yes for you to visit.

As a last option, you can always choose to see it from a sailboat sailing (not allowed for children under 2 years old).

Where can we stay during our stay in Menorca?

To have an unforgettable holiday in Menorca, it is essential to choose the place where you want to stay. Therefore, for a luxury service, facilities in which you feel relaxed, disconnected, and in which your only concern is to have fun, our recommendation is Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa or Insotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa. There we will offer you all the comfort you are looking for, located next to the best coves of Menorca, with regular bus stops near the hotel.

In addition, for the little ones, you can find swimming pools for children and babies, children’s mountain bikes (helmets available), playgrounds with swings, and a great variety of games and directed activities.

We are waiting for you!