4 essential dishes from Mallorca


Mallorca is gastronomy, this is why in this post we propose 4 essential dishes for you to visit each corner of the island in a gastronomic way.

Mallorcan Escargot

Although the escaegot it’s consumed throughout the whole península area, on the island of Menorca they are a reference dish in their gastronomy and we hope that you don’t leave the island without tasting it.

It is a dish made of boiled snails with a bite of bacon, onion, butifarra, butifarrón and sobrasa. A delicious dish in which, without a doubt, the bread will be indispensable.

Coca de Trampó

This delicious “coca de Trampó” or “coca of vegetables” is a base of wheat flour dough with a large variety of vegetables cut into strips such as peppers, tomatoes and onions on it. It is a coca that is consumed throughout the year.

Arròs Brut

This is the Mallorcan rice dish by excellence. A soupy rice made with pork, rabbit, chicken and duck, you can also find it with other meat like hare or pigeon. In addition, beside the meat used for the elaboration of this dish, complementary ingredients are also used like: tender beans, green peas and robins or seasonal mushrooms.

The name of this dish comes because of the cloudy color the rice takes due to the mixture of its sofrito that is made of spices, rabbit liver and a bit of sobrasada, the main reason for the characteristic color of this dish.

Sobrasa mallorquina

It is one of the most famous sausages on this island. Its elaboration is based on different meats of pork, these meats are seasoned with spices in which the pepper black pepper is emphasize, salt and paprika, which gives its characteristic orange color.

It is an ingredient that is part of a multitude of dishes and accompanies the bread in the form of toast and sandwiches.

Once your in the island we hope for you to enjoy its gastronomy and our Hotel Insotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa.