3 curiosities of Formentera


Formentera is the smallest island of the Balearic archipelago but it hides great curiosities. From Insotel Hotel Group you will discover curiosities behind the territory of Formentera.


A desert island (for a while)

For many years, Formentera was a completely deserted island where there were no shops or locals and you could only access to it by ferry or private boats.

After the fall of the Roman Empire the island was abandoned and would not be repopulated until the XVII century when it was conquered by the Arabs.

The period when the island was uninhabited was partly due to the plague of the West. Later the island became the refuge for many pirates and barbarians. It was during the 1700s when people began to repopulate Ibiza, although the process was very slow, because life was very hard in Formentera.


Crystalline waters

The waters off the coast of Formentera are crystal clear. The transparency of its waters is the result of a kind of native algae that live in it. This kind of seaweed called Posidonia Oceanica is responsible for cleaning the water and results in its beautiful waters.


The lighthouse of the Mola and Jules Verne

Jules Verne was in love with the island of Formentera. This famous writer was deeply captivated by its distinctive flat shape with a slight slope leading to the cliffs of the Mola.

Thus, the Faro de la Mola became the protagonist of his famous novel Hector Servadac. In it, a large group of diverse national intrepid travelers were on a trip around the solar system.

Formentera is an island in which to enjoy a few days off by the hand of Insotel Hotel Group 365 days a year. Be sure to visit the island and explore every piece of its history.