Gastronomy of the Balearic Islands

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From Insotel, we want to approach you to the cuisine of the Balearic Islands. Talking about its gastronomic wealth is talking about nature, culture and people.

The cuisine of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and its encourage miscegenation is because its cuisine is influenced by the many civilizations that have passed through the islands. Here we can find the essence of Roman Greek, Arab, French…

Each element of the environment is exploited in the island cuisine. So, being an area of fishing and agricultural tradition that is reflected in every element of your kitchen. In it, we also find features of the cuisine of the provinces that are around as the Valencian and Catalan cuisine.

Soups is common to take them as a first traditional plate. The shutters are prepared from various vegetables from the area and bread. One of its peculiarities is its lack of stock. We also find another variety of Balearic soup made of sliced vegetables, soup Oliaigu.

Rices of the islands are the valence influence in its cuisine. Brut rice of Mallorca or rice land of Menorca, the two made from rabbit, pork ribs, spicy sausage pigeon, mushrooms and butifarrón. A very distinctive and intense flavor dish. Its marine influence is also in rice dishes, you can taste rice with fish and vegetables very characteristic in the Balearic gastronomy. In the restaurants of our hotels you will find rice dishes made by cooks the most exclusive of the Balearic Islands.

Fish and seafood are the flavor key note in the kitchen of the islands. The lobster stew is characteristic of the island of Menorca. A fried onion, garlic, parsley and chopped tomato lobster and later added fish broth and rice is browned. Let stand and serve with bread.

The Mallorcan frit is one of the most typical dishes of the area. This is a dish made from meat, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and red peppers. The most popular way to eat this frit is shaped kink. These can be frit, vegetables, tempro…

The buns are the sweet star. If you wish, you can find them with vermicelli, Catalan cream, etc. In addition on the island of Menorca you’ll find a sweet soup made of milk, bread, eggs and butter.

Come and enjoy your holidays in the Balearic Islands and discover its gastronomy in our exclusive restaurants of Insotel.