Month: March 2020

Visit Ibiza in Spring

Spring begins and with it comes the good weather, each time we meet more on terraces, we share more with the people we love and everything is tinged with spring happiness. The weather begins to give us a break from the routine and take advantage of the daylight hours, travel, visit and know thousands of […]

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Where to see the sunset in Menorca?

Sunsets are moments in which we lose ourselves completely, that crossing of colors that we see are impressive and always transmit us the best feelings. They remind us of the best moments of the summer when we have no worries and we enjoy every hour of the day with the people we love. That is […]

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What is the best time to visit Mallorca?

Time is always a factor in travel and vacations. Choosing the best time of year to visit a site can completely determine the direction of the trip. Throughout this article we will know what is the best time to visit Mallorca. Mallorca is located in the middle of the Mediterranean, so its climate is moderate […]

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