Month: January 2020

Discover the “hippie” part of Formentera

In the mid-60s, the hippies arrived in Formentera, which meant an important change in the lifestyle of Formentera. Discover the wonderful history and culture of the island and the traditions they have for 50 years. Formentera culture Before the seventies the inhabitants of the island lived with what the countryside gave them and with few […]

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Meet the fauna and flora of Menorca

Menorca is one of the best preserved natural sites in the entire Mediterranean and it is that thanks to its climate, which is directly responsible for the distribution of vegetation, typically Mediterranean and conditioned with plant landscapes, makes your stay in this magical place even more special. Menorca and its unique landscapes Menorca was declared […]

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What are the best areas to visit Mallorca?

Mallorca is a very busy place in summer thanks to its charm, its natural spaces and its lovely beaches. In addition, it has a tasty cuisine and its climate is very pleasant. Areas to visit in mallorca Palma de Mallorca La Palma de Mallorca is where the city, shops and people are. If you like […]

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