Month: August 2018

Ibiza coves accessible by boat

Ibiza is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations by tourists, its main attraction are its coves with turquoise waters as it is inevitable to visit this paradise island without enjoying its charm. In this article, we will recommend something different to the usual, a different way to experience the island, that is, a walk […]

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Whenever we hear about Ibiza we think about its idyllic beaches, coves and natural spaces, and it’s no wonder, since this island is full of paradisiacal landscapes that you can enjoy with your family. But Ibiza is not only rich in nature but also in culture and in a historical infrastructure since some buildings are […]

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What you cannot miss in Menorca?

Menorca is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic cities of the Balearic Islands and the one that attracts the most tourists. This is not in vain, because the island can presume of having the best beaches, views and monuments of the entire archipelago. On this occasion, we are going to unveil the corners of Menorca […]

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What area of ​​Mallorca to travel?

Mallorca is one of the main tourist destinations throughout Europe. It is an island with charms that seduce any lover of nature, it is definitely an irresistible tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea. If you are one of those people who were seduced by the charm of this beauty of the Mediterranean and will soon […]

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