Bread with ramellet tomatoes, olive oil and menorquín cheese

Being on holiday in Menorca, is to be able to enjoy a very different part of Spain. In the days on the island of Menorca, from Insotel Hotel Group, we encourage you to try all the gastronomic delights. We hope you let be carried away by the sun and the beach, and spend an unspeakable […]

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Discover the sweetest Ibiza

To know the true essence of Ibiza, it is not enough to go through every corner of this charismatic island. Its gastronomy plays an important role within its customs and the way of understanding the day basis of the island. The climate and the environment are two key points in the gastronomy of all cultures. […]

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Enjoy Formentera by boat

  If you are already planning your a trip to Formentera for the incoming summer holidays, in this post we tell you some activities that without a doubt you should not fail to do. The Balearics are a group of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean sea where the sun shines every day during […]

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Insotel wishes you a Happy New Year 2017!

A few days aways to say goodbye to 2016, all the team that form this large brand of Luxury Hotels and Resorts in the Balearic Islands, we want to thank you for the confidence you place in us year after year. We hope you have everything planned for new year’s eve. A night  in which […]

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4 essential dishes from Mallorca

Mallorca is gastronomy, this is why in this post we propose 4 essential dishes for you to visit each corner of the island in a gastronomic way. Mallorcan Escargot Although the escaegot it’s consumed throughout the whole península area, on the island of Menorca they are a reference dish in their gastronomy and we hope […]

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The coast of Menorca and its wonderful beaches

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago located in the Mediterranean sea where you can spend the whole summer season between beach and beach, as these islands have more than 300 beaches. Only in the island of Menorca you will find a total of more than 100 beaches. In addition to all these beaches, on the […]

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Insotel offers for Summer 2017 in Ibiza

If you’re ahead of summer, with Insotel Hotel Group you can save up to 25% of hotel price in Ibiza. Because spending a few days in Ibiza during the hot summer is already a mandatory requirement. Enjoying the beaches, the sun and the Mediterranean sea has become an obligatory appointment in our agendas. As every […]

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Breakfast overlooking the sea

Being on holidays is to be able to enjoy all those things that we cannot enjoy during our day to day, due to the work and other daily obligations that fill our agendas. Breakfast is usually one of the most neglected meals throughout the week when actually it should be the most important one, but […]

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Express trip: escape to Formentera

During this month, we begin the preparations for the Christmas season. Beginning to organize and devise all that we will have to do to celebrate Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Corporate dinners, meetings with good friends, reunions with all those who live outside your city, family dinners … a lot of preparations and events […]

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The Cathedral of Mallorca

Travel to Mallorca in November involves knowing the most authentic part of the island. During this month, the influx of tourists decreases and becomes a different, much quieter island. A season to know their true roots, and an opportunity to have direct contact with local traditions and custom. In your days in our hotel Insotel […]

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