Touring by bicycle in Formentera


Touring by bicycle in Formentera is a different way to know the island. If it is the first time you visit Formentera, this kind of tourism can really be rewarding. If you are a regular traveler, why not go back and have a different perspective of the island by taking a bike ride?

Touring by bicycle in Formentera is a different point of view. We go into its environment in the most traditional way and contemplate places of cultural and historical interest with new eyes.

In addition, it is a way of ecofriendly displacement. To go cycling in Formentera, it is generally required to have a minimum of physical preparation and have done a little research on the territory before embarking on the adventure.

At Formentera you will find our hotels Insotel Hotel Formentera Playa**** and Insotel Club Maryland ***. All our hotels are located near to the sea, so that our guests can easily access to the beach. Insotel bet on the location so that each one of you do not have to worry about transportation during your vacation.

In its 82 square kilometers, the city of Formentera has enabled 19 routes, which are call “green routes”. You can go by bike or on foot, and we know it is the roughest part of Formentera.

All these routes are an alternative green ecologic and natural way to take a new route instead of the usual roads of the island, and you can go without fear to get lost because they are barely notice.

Even though, without a doubt the charm of these routes are the views. While you are going through it, you will find agricultural areas, natural areas of special interest, typical houses of the area and many coves and beaches. We suggest you to go down, take a bath and enjoy the sun. The charm of these coves and beaches are the few visitors it has, because these places are remote and the access is not as touristic, which is why it receives usually more local people.

Now you only have to choose our Insotel Hotel Formentera Playa **** or our Insotel Club Maryland ***, travel to Formentera and enjoy your holidays.