The best beaches of Menorca



To enjoy Menorca and its pure beaches is an experience like no other, the turquoise colour of its waters seems from another world. With this paradise, it is not necessary to go to Caribbean lands to enjoy beaches that could be the image of a postcard, and for this reason it has been declared a Biosphere Reserve.

Beaches and coves of Menorca

Menorca has many paradisiacal beaches and coves, which is why the choice for this article has been difficult. However, from Insotel Hotel Group, we discover small charming places where you can enjoy the wonderful beaches of Menorca.

Cala Pregonada

It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Menorca which landscape makes it different from the others. Its chain of islets makes it look like a natural pool, but the most characteristic it’s in its colours. The contrast between its crystal clear waters and reddish sand made Mike Oldfield himself fell in love with it, and turn the image into the cover of two of his records.

Cala Morell

It is a small cove located north of Menorca, it has a wingspan of about 80 meters long and about 50 wide. It is surrounded by a lot of nature, cliffs with rocks of curious shapes that give this cove an attractive landscape without equal.

On its sides it has rocky bottoms with a large amount of marine fauna and a sandy area where you can see a variety of fish, which makes it a perfect place to dive or snorkel.

Cala en Portell

Cliffs, white sand and turquoise waters, are the elements you can find in this cove. It is a cove with all the comforts you could wish for. It has restaurants, showers, lifeguards and parking for cars.

Quiet, clean and with lots of amenities is a perfect cove to go with children. It is a beach with a gentle slope, so that children can enjoy a swim on the beach without any risk.

If you go through this cove we recommend you visit the “Cova d’en Xoroi”. Legend has it that a man came from the sea and used it as a refuge. Until one day, a young girl from a village near to the cave, whom was promise in marriage to another man, disappeared mysteriously.

After a few years, a winter after a heavy snowfall, traces appeared that led directly to the cave. Curious men followed these tracks and upon entering the cave discovered the missing girl with the shipwrecked Xoroi and their three children.

Xoroi, anguished, jumped into the sea and behind him was his firstborn son. When he died so suddenly, the mystery of his life went with him.

You will find this cove 28 minutes from our hotels Insotel Punta Prima Resort & Spa and Insotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa.

Beach Cales Piques

It is a beach located 7 km from the Ciutadella and despite its proximity to the cities, it is a quiet place where there is usually not a lot of crowds. This beach is nestled between rocks with a desert touch, right in front of a lovely Mediterranean sea. Its stony soil and crystal clear waters also make it an ideal environment to dive and discover the fauna and flora of Menorca.

Both Menorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands have a special charm, places with landscapes and unique beaches. Therefore, from Insotel we invite you to enjoy the best beaches and stay at our 5 star spa hotel.

Rest and Mediterranean sun at the hands of Insotel!