Month: October 2016


November 1st typical food

On November 1st is a very popular holiday for the Balearic Islands and all of Spain. This day is to be a special day and it could not miss its sweet characteristic. In the east area of Spain panellets, holy bones and fritters are very popular. If you visit Insotel Hotel Group during the last […]

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A romantic stay at Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa *****

  Our Hotel Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa ***** is a hotel where you can enjoy with your partner. A luxury hotel where you will spend wonderful romantic evenings. Ibiza is a place to love, its coasts, its sea and its sunsets are unique. In the rooms of our wonderful hotel & Spa you […]

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Formentera, a land of wines

Formentera is an island with a great wine activity where you can taste wines from the local producers, whether red or white, and accompany with artisan cheeses of the island. Formentera is a place where gastronomy has a lot of presence. Vine cultivation and wine production dates back to the Phoenicians, but it was the […]

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Autumn with children in Menorca

Menorca is a wonderful destination if you are traveling with children; it has a wide range of activities to have a good time with family. It is a destination where the smallest of the house will have a lot of fun and will want to repeat. In autumn the sea takes on a different personality, […]

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Yoga at Mallorca’s Beach

The regular practice of yoga has both mental and physical benefits. Every day more people have joined this sport. Every time we practice yoga our body is filled with benefits we come notice in our day to day. With each posture, we strengthen our muscles, ligaments, bones and help increase bone density. Thanks to the […]

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Traditional seafood dishes from Ibiza

Ibiza is a territory surrounded by the sea all over its cardinal points, and because of it, is a place where fish and seafood are present in each one of its traditional dishes. In the Insotel Group hotel located at Ibiza you will find excellent restaurants where you can delight dishes made with rockfish and […]

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The 3 keywords of Insotel Hotel Group

ENJOYING. RESTING. GETTING AWAY. These are the three words which the whole experience Insotel Hotel Group is based. A weekend break in the Balearic Islands is a synonymous of getting away. At the time you go away of the city and board on the plane which will take you to our particular paradise called Balearic […]

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