Month: August 2016


Hotels to spend a few days in Ibiza

If Ibiza is your next destination and you want to live the island in all its aspects, in this post we suggest you to visit three of our hotels. From Insotel we want you to enjoy the island and fall in love with it as much as we are… Depending on the trip you want […]

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How to entertain kids on the beach?

Going to the beach with the kids is a hilarious plan for them, but sometimes a little bored…. That is why from Insotel Hotel Group we offer games to entertain them and they do not stop to have a blast for a second The Olympics in the sand As if we were real athletes, we […]

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Cuevas Del Drach and Cuevas Del Hams of Mallorca

If your destination is Mallorca and your chosen hotel is our wonderful Hotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa **** and you want to discover an unknown part of Mallorca, read on… For our more adventurous guests we propose to visit two of the best caves in Mallorca.   Cuevas Del Drach These caves are located […]

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What should be essential for a hotel?

Travel, discover and enjoy. This must be the principal elements inside a suitcase so we can have an unforgettable holiday. However, after we choose the destiny to visit, we also must choose the hotel we wish to spend our days and enjoy the city. Nevertheless, what elements should be essentials for a hotel? From Insotel […]

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Gold Medal for Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa

One more year, Insotel Prestige Fenicia Suites had been honored by the tour operator TUI UK & Ireland. Thanks to our services and to the exceptional treatment we offer day by day to each one of our guest, we have been reward with the 2015’s gold medal in the Platinum category. We received this medal […]

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Exclusive treatments in our Hotel Punta Prima Prestige

  In our hotel Punta Prima Prestige Suites & Spa *****, we have reinvented the concept of spa vacations to relax and pamper every part of your body, creating a space where you can stimulate each one of your five senses. You will find a wide range of body and beauty care that will mark […]

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Submarine Nature of Ibiza

Ibiza’s underwater nature Ibiza makes you fall in love with its land, air and sea. Knowing each of its underwater corners can be a real adventure for this summer, if you wish. From Insotel we mention and discover every part of the seabed of Ibiza. We have located in Ibiza our hotels: Tarida Beach Sensatori […]

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Take a break in Formentera!

Temperatures rise, as also does the desire to travel and disappear for a few days. Insotel suggests you to take a break out of your day and take a trip to Formentera…. Low Off! After all this year full of exhausting work, you deserve to travel, even if it is only for a few days, […]

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Es Jonquet, a sailor neighborhood of Mallorca

If you are spending a few days in our hotel Cala Mandia Resort & Spa in Mallorca, we propose a place you cannot miss during your days on the island. Beaches, sea, history and culture of Mallorca. One of the essential must do in Mallorca is the neighborhood “Es Jonquet” located in the city center. […]

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